Soap Workshop Munich

The best soap in the world – made by you!

At Tigerflicka you will not only learn how to make the most wonderful soap from oils you can find in any supermarket! First, you’ll learn the basics of soap making, and how to create your own soap recepies. Every participant will get the recepie of the soap we make, and a summary explaining the essentials of soap making. Additionally, each participant will get ca 300 grams of soap, and probably also a new, addictive hobby.

Where: Tigerflicka Manufaktur, Landshuter Allee 29, 80637 München

How: Sign up by sending an email to

The fee for the workshop is €59, including all materials, a small “Brotzeit”, drinks and a summary of the soap-making A-B-C.

Maximum: 6 participants.

Upcoming workshops

In this workshop we’ll experiment with naturally soap colors. Red beet root, blueberries, black currant, tumeric – there is no end to the possibilities! However – the outcome is not always what you might think it’ll be.