Baby Allround – the baby oil for everyday

The Baby Allround oil consists of high quality, BIO-grade vegetable oils from canola and olive oil. Baby Allround is ideal for everyday baby care either as massage oil, or in the bath, soothing and protecting your baby’s skin. It can also be used to replace wet tissues, simply by mixing it in a bowl of water used together with cotton pads.
Baby Allround has a neutral smell, completely without any additions of essential oils. It does not contain artificial ingredients and is completely free from mineral oils, paraffin, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and colors. All components are of bio-organic origin and are safe for your baby and for you.
Midwifes recommend Baby Allround for everyday baby care and baby massage.

How to use:

Baby Allround can be used when the baby is one week old an onwards.
For baby care: put a tea spoon of oil in bowl of water and use cotton pads to wipe your baby. In the bath: add about two tean spoons of oil to the water.
For massage: put about a tea spoon of oil in your hands and let it warm up. Then gently massage your baby.


Ingredients: Canola oil*, Olive oil*, loads of love.
*All ingredients are of bio-organic origin

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