How it began

cherry blossom Tigerflicka was founded in early spring 2013. I was on maternity leave with my second child, and the midwife taking care of us discovered the balm I had made for my children.She thought it was the best balm ever against diaper rashes, and want to distribute it to other parents. So, I “had” start the company and find out how to set up a cosmetic production. I  have made soap and balms at least 17 years, and as a chemist, I love to experiment. Back then, I never did the same formula twice. Friends and family came to me with their wishes and problems, and I searched the literature to find the best components for the desired function. And that is how I work today. All product are based on high quality ingredients and documented effects of those.

There is so much greatness to learn and get from nature, and I am happy and thrilled that the interest in natural, bio-organic products is growing so quickly!

Tigerflicka’s first product is the much appreciated Mamma-Baby-Barn Balm, introduced in the summer of 2013.

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