ProductionAll Tigerflicka’s products are handmade in small batches. The ingredients are carefully selected based on desired function and properties, where it is equally important that the ingredients are bio-organic and not problematic from an environmental point of view. Of course, all component have to be organic.

Tigerflicka produces balms and oils, meaning that there is no water in the product, just oil, waxes and butters. Without water, germs can’t proliferate, and as a result preservatives are not necessarily needed. The shelf life of the product is determined by the ingredients, usually 12-18 months.

Plastic is banned in the production, and glass is used for most things. The goal is that the production should be as mild as possible, and not influence the end-product negatively, nor should it contaminate the products with compounds released from the production vessel. Glass has unprecedented properties in this respect.

The ingredient list on the label tells exactly what is in the product. Every ingredient is listed, so the user can be completely sure that what is on the label is also what comes onto the skin.

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